About Me

JoAnna Trotter

I’m a happy Houstonian in search of adventures in far off places as well as close to home. I’m a huge foodie that not only likes to try new places, but to create interesting and delicious meals at home for my husband and friends. I have a fondness for craft beer and going out around town, just as much as I love being at home on the couch or working on things around the house. I hope that y’all can find something you like and can relate to, here within my posts.


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My Story

My name is JoAnna Trotter and I am a Latina, born and raised in the great state of Texas. I grew up in a suburb of Houston and went to school briefly at Seton Hall in New Jersey before transferring to the University of Houston. I spent a long time working my way through school and eventually met the love of my life in one of my senior capstone courses. We are now married and intent on exploring the world together. While Brandon (my husband, also known as BT) traveled a lot growing up, I myself have done little traveling and I plan to correct that as soon as possible. I’m also a passionate person that tends to throw myself into various personal projects that I hope to share with all of you. I hope that you enjoy getting to know me better over time. Happy reading Y’all.





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