Top 5 Date Night Go-To Ideas

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It’s definitely been awhile, like too long. On my quest to finally pop into Rooftop Cinema Club it occurred to me that I kind of gravitate to certain kinds of date ideas and I thought it might be fun to share options with y’all. Summer is almost here and some of these are perfect for you to get out there and really enjoy this time of year with your person or mayhaps a new fling. Who cares about labels though, amirite? BT if you are reading this, I absolutely care about our label honey. *wink* Anyway, Summer is for fun and these will help make that happen, so here we go, in no particular order…

Not Your Average Movie Night

Rooftop Cinema Club

Uh I love me a good moment outside. Here in Texas though, Summer can be a real test for your deodorant/body spray/perfume/or what have you. Being outside at night though is much more tolerable. Catching a movie outside? Brings to mind fun, flirty and dare I say memorable. Here in Houston we have a couple of options for this. You can catch a Summer movie at the Miller outdoor theater if you are looking for a BYOB, easy on the pocket book option OR you can check out Rooftop Cinema Club for a great throwback movie or singalong that you can lounge at with a view and a classy cocktail. Outdoors isn’t your jam but you want a better option than your standard run of the mill movie theater? Ipic has you covered for a Lux time, or for a more affordable option, you can check out star cinema grill.

Go to a Game Night

Ok, hear me out on this one. Not everyone is into sports, I get it. But going to a game in person is a different experience, I promise. I love our boys the Astros and would take up every possible chance to go see them play. Same goes for our Football team in the Fall (Go Texans)! But I wasn’t always a big sports fan, and my husband definitely isn’t either. What changed that for us? Going to a game in person. It’s a fun option that you can use to change up from your standard dinner out date, and I don’t think you would regret it.

Concert Anyone?

I’m the kind of person that heavily associates music/songs with moments and feelings. So it would make sense that a night out watching a band with my person fits well as a great date for me. BT isn’t much of a concert goer, but I have manged to pull him out for some good ones and they are some of my favorite dates to be honest. Doesn’t matter what you like, you can find options in many price ranges and it is definitely a good change of pace.

Bar Hopping/Brewery Hopping

Ok, so this one is pretty obvious. Going out for a brew or a cocktail with your special someone or someone you are getting to know is a gimme. But adding the multiple locations bit adds some extra fun. BT and I love craft beer and so we tend to brewery hop, but this applies to bars too. Obviously, you should stay safe (Thanks Lyft/Uber!) but making the party mobile so to speak can be a lot of fun!

Trying New Restaurants

BT and I are super lucky to live in such a culinary diverse city. Our number 1 go to for a date night is to try out a new restaurant that opens a world of new possible favorite dishes to us. As foodies, this is one of our things we love to do and it has changed our outlook on food for sure. If you want to do something safe, but still push you a bit out of your comfort zone, this is your option. This is how I got BT into sushi and he has never looked back (thankfully).

Well there are my 5. Let me know what you think and what your favorite ideas are!




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