Galentines- At Home Boozy Brunch Edition

What pink brunch dreams are made of…

Before I dive into how I planned this year’s Galentines and the different ideas I had that would work just as well, I just want to take a moment and express that having gal pals to celebrate with makes me feel really lucky at this stage in my life. I didn’t grow up with a crazy ton of friends and for most of my youth, I was always the third wheel when it came to besties. There were times where this wasn’t the case, but looking overall at my life, having friends that were ladies was kind of a struggle (if you are reading between the lines, sometimes it was the worst struggle). I’ll even say that this followed me after my early college years as well. It wasn’t until the last 4-7 years that I really started to find friends who lived near me that I knew I could call on if I wanted to cry or who I wanted to uplift to the moon because they meant so much to me. Let’s be honest, margarita nights and random brunch meetups are always better with your girls but the flip side of that is, if you don’t click well with the girls it can be a real downer. I guess I just want to say your tribe can change well into your life and that’s OK. What matters is that you find friends who uplift you as much as you want to uplift them. I’m grateful to have that and I look at Galentines as a celebration of these special people in my life. Anyway, onward to the boozy brunch details!

My classic go to table setting

Let’s start with the table setting. I can be “extra” when it comes to stuff like this but I know not everyone is up for that. This year I decided to focus more on florals and table setting than too much else as far as decorations. I invested in great gold chargers and I have some nice Vietri dinner plates that are my go to! Seriously, I use them a lot! but I think the way you set your table can change enough that it doesn’t get boring. This table shot compared to my table shot at Christmas, highlights this.  I’ve linked my go-to plates and chargers below if you want to splurge but I have also linked other options that are just as cute without the investment. I found some super cute paper placemats and some great disposable options if you just can’t or don’t want to invest in the expensive stuff and y’all it looks just as nice in person (did my research). I’ve done the same for my drinkware and napkins so scroll through and find what fits in your budget. Note, as this is coming out two weeks before Galentines day, I tried to link items you can get quickly, but if you searched Amazon you could probably find similar items with that nice speedy delivery.

I love a good greenery textured mix with my floral arrangements

Floral Arrangements

put together these florals by getting different bunches at Central Market. They always have an amazing selection and if you want to do the same thing but for a bit cheaper, your HEB has a good selection too. If you live somewhere where you aren’t lucky enough to have an Central market or HEB, Kroger or Whole foods has flowers but the selection I’ve found isn’t as varied. You can go to a florist but that is some $$$$$ flowers for a brunch at home. Still an option if you feel like being extra though. If you are making your own, I suggest sticking to a color pallet and getting bunches with different textures. 

The “Extra”

Odds and Ends

I am a sucker for anything velvet so I bought some pink velvet ribbon to tie around my napkins and some easy (but tedious to put together) cheap tassel garland from Amazon. I used two tassel garlands to not go overboard since I knew I wanted to frame my dining area with heart balloons too. And lastly, I bought some mini candles as gifts that I added to the place settings. Our crew loves a good candle, but you could do candy or some other small gift in place of this (or not at all).

Love Love Love a good cheeseboard


Ok, this food set up was probably the easiest and cheapest thing I have put together for a brunch and everyone loved it. I decided to make a cheese board with 4 cheeses (Gouda, Cheddar, Goat cheese, and Asiago are my go to’s that aren’t too pricey) and various olives, peppers, crackers, crostinis, and meats (Pepperoni/ Prosciutto). I also made a bagel bar and picked up the bagels from Panera, and just bought the lemon, avocado, tomatoes, nova lox salmon, and red onion at the grocery store. A note, putting this all out didn’t take very long either so I recommend if you want something easy to prep. If bagels aren’t your thing, I’ve also put together an eggs Benedict bar. While the same concept, it can be more time-consuming. You could also do sandwiches or a taco bar, the sky is the limit. Add your cupcakes or dessert of choice and you are ready to go! If your brunch is boozy you can do a mimosa bar too to keep the theme going. I chose to go with a sparkling rose that we got from Princess and Bear Wines as it was extremely affordable. I’m talking $19 for an imported bottle of wine from France affordable. Did I mention that it was also really good? But we also aren’t a huge mimosa crowd either. Don’t judge.

It’s all in the details

hope y’all found this useful and I’d love to see how yours turn out! tag me in your photos so I can see!



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