How I Plan on Surviving Thanksgiving 2018

Hola friends!

I’m sharing my Friendsgiving table setting to give y’all some very last minute ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner table. This year has been hectic with work so I decided to pull together a look with mostly things I already had around the house. I’ve linked some similar items if you like the look. There is extra pressure this year, as I’m hosting my first big family holiday dinner this Thanksgiving and I want everything to run smoothly and to look great! So naturally I’m stressing about all the ways this could go wrong. Fingers crossed I can pull it together in time. I got some super helpful tips from you guys and I thought I’d share the love. Now all that’s missing are the drinks!

1.)First thing is to be organized enough to have a list and to start buying things ahead of time. While the list idea is still helpful, I’d consider shopping now to be last minute. I’ll be remembering to try buying my non perishables a week early next year.

2.)Defrost your turkey ahead of time if you are feeling up to the challenge of cooking your own bird or pay to have one cooked for you like I did. I was worried that with the stress of making everything else from scratch I would really mess up the turkey so I lightened the load by getting mine catered.  Or even better, get everyone coming to bring a dish.

3.) Some of my family really insist on having nice place settings while others could care less. If you can get away with it, my friend Ja’net with Running on Clean suggests using paper plates, place mats and disposable silverware. She found some cute ones at Hobby Lobby if that is the route you want to take. But, if you feel like you need something a little more formal I’ve linked some great finds below. The glass table decor I got from pier 1 and the tealight holders are all from pottery barn.

4.)Most importantly, be sure to focus on sharing time with your loved ones and remember it’s ok if everything isn’t perfect. I sometimes get way too wrapped up in the details that I need to take a step back and focus on what is important.  Brandon usually helps me with this by blasting music on our portable speaker while we cook and pulling me into sporadic dance parties when he sees that I’m starting to stress too much. Wine can help too. Hahaha.

Fun Tip: My husband’s family has a tradition that we go around the table and each say something we have been grateful for that year or more often than not, speak to our favorite memory of that year. This can be really sweet and with some families, I would imagine,, pretty funny. It’s definitely worth trying.

Happy Thanksgiving friends and I hope you found some of this useful!




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