Houston Guide: Hello Heights

Hola friends! I’m finally starting to churn out my list for favorite places around town and decided as a foodie I needed to start with restaurants. This post will focus on the Heights but future lists will include other major HTX neighborhoods and I’ll periodically update as we are so lucky to have new restaurants open all the time. These are just my favorites right now and by no means all that is out there. I honestly had a hard time narrowing it down this much and will probably circle back in a few months to add more.

In no particular order:


Calle Onze

Calle Onze offers great atmosphere and amazing food. Not pictured are the tacos al pastor that I demolished and the mean margarita that had me raving to all my friends. Side note: I usually hate tamales (yeah yeah, what you’re thinking is probably something my Abuelita has said to me about it) BUT their tamales had me second guessing my feelings on the subject. Shhhhhh just don’t tell my Abuelita…


This place is great for a girls brunch or happy hour with friends as not only is the food great, but the cocktails are creative and on point. Pictured above is the larges avocado toast I have ever seen and it definitely rated up there in taste. I never would have thought to add ricotta but it was a great choice. Expect large servings if you try them out.

Postino Wine Cafe

If you want a deal, Postinos gives you one. They are incredibly priced for what you get and their happy hour is worth the long wait. They are always packed so it’s a good thing they are planning on opening another location in Montrose. The Bruschetta is heavenly, but honestly we haven’t had a bad meal here and go often.

Good Dog

Comfort food at it’s best and always a winner in our house. If you are looking to change it up with out being crazy adventurous, Good Dog is your place. Also they usually have a few great beers on draft if the mood hits you. No favorites here, because everything is good.

Heights Bier Garten

Look at this spread! The set up of this place is perfect for patio weather. Come hungry and thirsty because they have not only a huge tap list, but a great cocktail list as well.  I’d recommend the chicken sandwich!

Eight Row Flint

Whiskey and tacos. Pricey, but a great laid back night out option. The tacos are good and the drink list is substantial.  Get the street corn hush puppies! You won’t regret it.

Golden Bagel

Bagels are my jam and Golden Bagel comes through when I need a fix with a feel that reminds me of NYC. Did I mention that breakfast is my favorite meal and I take it pretty seriously? No? well I do.  Reasonably priced, just expect a crowd and don’t be scared of the line out the door. It moves fast.


Great Vietnamese food and a great selection of beer all at very affordable prices. My go to is the Vermicelli bowl with pork and an egg roll but don’t just take my word for it. Excuse the messy photo. I was too excited to start eating before I remembered I also needed a photo.


Hope y’all have fun checking out some of my go to places. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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