Setting Sail for Croatia

Hola friends! It definitely has been a minute. I’ve been wrapped up in the wonderfulness that is Summer and all it’s travels and adventures. Not to mention my workload has definitely gone up, but so is life. Long story short, I’m back.

Today I’d love to talk about our trip to Croatia. While this post has been delayed, I still very much felt the need to share the details of quite possibly one of the best trips of my life (I swear I mean it with this one).  Brandon and I have been extremely lucky to be able to tag along with family and friends on a sailing trip around Croatia and let me tell you… I read so much about how beautiful Croatia was and how it was becoming THE place to travel to and honestly… THE HYPE IS REAL. So with that, I’ll leave you with a couple of stories from our trip and some must see places to add to your bucket list.

Y’all, first things first. Dubrovnik and Split definitely tried to capitalize on Game of Thrones. I’d advise you to admire the architecture, but you aren’t missing much by passing on the Game of Thrones tours. If you are a die hard fan, go for it, but we weren’t impressed. The towns and cities were stunningly beautiful and you can definitely get your GoT fix by walking around.


We started our trip in Split taking in the waterfront views from a bar where I was introduced to a Hugo Spritzer. I know Aperol Spritzers are all the rage right now but I thought the Hugo was much better and basically drank that whenever I could find one throughout the trip. After happy hour we made our way to Zrno Soli for dinner which was packed. If you have the time and don’t mind the splurge I highly recommend them, the food was amazing! The next day we climbed up Marjan Hill. Actually we only went halfway up because 1.) it was hotter than Houston (not kidding) 2.) there were a lot of stairs 3.) the view half way up was amazing and finally 4.) Caffe Bar Vidilica was there with not only an amazing view but wine and local beer (vacation= indulging in booze moods). It would also be safe to say we just got tired and wanted to explore Old Town. Eventually we made it down to Old Town and it was beautiful. We took in the sights before finding a cute cafe on the promenade for lunch and then made our way to the boat to board. Regret number 1 of this trip was not spending more time in Split.


Hvar was our next big stop and this was probably my favorite one. The architecture and layout of Hvar was beautiful and the night life was perfect. I would highly recommend every gelato stand on the promenade. Seriously… and get the pistachio flavor. We also cafe hopped for drinks and food and everything was delicious. Croatia is definitely for foodies. For night life, if you want to hit up a major club/bar try and get reservations for Carpe Diem. They have a bar on the main land and ferry out people to their club on a tiny island about 5 minutes out. It’s lit, literally lit. They light the stage and bar on fire. It was too much for the old jet lagged lady in me so Brandon and I just made it out to the main land bar and then back to the boat, but my adventurous sister and her guy made it out to the club and raved about it all the next afternoon after they woke up (note: hangovers and boats do not mix well so they were out for the count the next morning). This of course made us feel like we missed out so we decided if there was another all nighter we would be in. Regret number 2 of the trip was not making that decision sooner.

Seeing the Sights

We stopped at a bunch of beautiful small islands after that and mostly either swam or stayed on the boat. We rode bikes through tiny towns, jet skied around islands and we just couldn’t get enough of the views and sunsets (y’all I’m such a sucker for a good sunset). They were stunning and I really fell in love with Croatia. The crew on the boat was so sweet, and their suggestions and attention to detail really helped make our experience truly special. Regret number 3, not taking more sunrise swims/jetski rides. (side note: the water in Croatia is freezing in the summer time. If you go be prepared!)


Finally we ended up in Kings Landing, I mean Dubrovnik. Talk about crowded! But the architecture was beautiful and we couldn’t help staying 2 days and exploring. Walking through that city felt like walking back in time and I feel like the locals know it. They even turned a 16th century fortress in to a insanely popular raging night club…A new spin on a historical landmark? Out last night ended up being an all nighter at Revelin (the fortress night club) and there were no more regrets because while it was a bit out of my comfort zone, it was still a ton of fun.

Bottom line, Croatia needs to be on your bucket list. It is incredibly beautiful and for now it is cheaper than most places in Europe. GET ON IT!




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