The Joys of Summer and a Trip to Cabo

To me, there are not many things in life that compare to my love of late spring that transitions into the gloriously, hot, beautiful summer months in Texas. Some of my love comes from the fact that I love hot weather, beaches and the sun, but most of my love for this time of year comes from nostalgia. I love Summer nights of driving around with the windows down, music blaring, singing into the wind. I love backyard bbq’s and having cold beers on the patio. I love the cracking of thunder in the torrential down pours that begin this time of year and smell of the rain on the earth and hot concrete. I love that I fell in love with my husband and married him during this time of year.  But most importantly I love the freedom and excitement I feel at the beginning of Summer. No adventure is too small, and every experience is felt deeply and cherished.  This year we decided to welcome Summer with a long weekend in Cabo as an “Anni-moon” to celebrate our first year of marriage and each other.


I had been picking my brain to find a great long weekend trip to commemorate our first milestone for a few months, but was having issues deciding on a place that wasn’t too far and wouldn’t require a lot of time off from work. While I’m lucky enough to have a substantial amount of paid time off, unfortunately my husband’s time is more limited so we sometimes need to be more strategic in our vacation planning. And with this year already being pretty packed with different trips, Cabo was perfect choice for this occasion.

We love the beach and relaxing vacations and the flight isn’t long from Houston, so it checked off all the major boxes. We found a great deal on a resort we hadn’t been to before (Esperanza) and flights so we booked ASAP. We were so excited to start looking forward to our little weekend getaway.

A few things about Cabo. The beaches are gorgeous, the food is phenomenal, and you can find anything to help make your vacation what you want, whether it is nights out partying, or just long days at a spa or next to the pool. For this trip, we took a much more laid back approach. We spent some time in the resort spa, went to some amazing places to eat (our favorite being Flora Farms), took a sunset cruise to see the Lover’s Arch, and of course spent a ton of time on the beach and around the pool.

Brandon and I are both foodies and would highly encourage anyone traveling to Los Cabos to consider making a reservation for brunch or dinner at Flora Farms. They are a cute farm to table concept restaurant and grow everything on the menu on site. The atmosphere is amazing, the food is beyond delicious, and they even have cute little artisan boutiques on site that are fun to peruse.  We went for Brunch this time and they had a small live band that played a wide variety of music, even the Super Mario Theme song!

We also booked a cute little cruise that allowed us to finally see the Lover’s Arch and sail around the bay while watching the sunset. It was a sweet little trip that was a great excuse to get off the resort and try something new. The arch is beautiful and there are sea lions that like to hang around the beach and rocks that add to the charm of Cabo. If you can find a cruise that provides drinks and snacks, you’ll be set.

While we spent most of our weekend around the resort, it ended up being exactly what we needed and allowed us to just be excited about being together and marvel over how fast our first year has flown by. For me it was the perfect start of Summer.




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    Congratulations to both of you

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