Woeletta Hill Ranch and the Last 2 Months

Background I didn’t grow up with much, but I always had enough which I will always be grateful for. My parents had issues making ends meet and fought about money constantly as far back as I can remember. It was a huge factor in what destroyed their marriage and it wasn’t anything my brother and I didn’t see coming, even at 11 and 15. There were many other¬† factors that complicated my childhood but let’s just say life at home wasn’t easy.¬† Luckily enough for me, we spent just about every weekend possible with my grandparents, affectionately called Space Granny and Space Grandpa by my husband (Grandpa worked for NASA as an electrical engineer during the Mercury and Apollo missions). Time with Space Granny and Grandpa were the bright spots in my childhood and the love I have for them is exceptionally strong, not just because I associate a lot of my happiness as a child with them but also because they were always there for me, even into adulthood. January and the beginning of February saw both of my grandparents in and out of the hospital. At one point we had them in the hospital 3 weeks in a … Continue reading Woeletta Hill Ranch and the Last 2 Months