Valentines Day Essentials

Details Matter

Now that we have thought about Galentine’s day it’s time to focus on Valentine’s day! With all the various trends out there and the tons of blogs giving you ideas on what to wear for your date, I thought it would be better to focus on the details. More importantly, the few details that I think can really set off your look, a bold lip and a bright smile.

Let’s talk about lipstick

For me, a bold lip really makes my outfit pop and especially a red lip. I love love love a good lipstick. I tend to go with the creamy wet look, but have found a couple of mattes that I’ve become fond of over time. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay lipsticks as they have bold colors that last all day and I only have to touch up after eating. F-bomb is definitely my most used color, but I have several deep reds in their matte and creamy lipstick lines.

If you are looking for a creamier feeling lipstick, I’m a fan of Chanel lipsticks and most recently gotten into the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I’ve linked some of my favorite colors below. A bold lip draws attention to your teeth which leads me to my next detail that sets of your look, a bright smile.

Popping Pearly Whites

I love lipstick, but I also love coffee, tea and a number of things that stain my teeth. I happen to have sensitive teeth which caused most whitening methods to be a no go for me. This of course left me feeling pretty self conscious when wearing my favorite red lipsticks. So when I got the opportunity to try out a natural teeth whitener in Avistar’s charcoal whitening powder, I was hoping to find a product that not only worked but wouldn’t be painful to my teeth.

The powder was super easy to use and works over time to gradually whiten, which is exactly what my sensitive teeth needed. I started to see results after a week of use, using the product once a day. I would imagine to see more immediate results, you could use the powder twice a day. I used the powder with my toothbrush and then brushed again with toothpaste after rinsing. I will say, the powder is a bit gritty and brushing with toothpaste after helped get the last little bits of powder I couldn’t get out with just rinsing. That being said, you guys, my teeth have never felt cleaner, and I feel less self conscious wearing my favorite shade of lipstick. All I need now to finish my Valentine’s Day outfit is some cute earrings and a splash of my favorite perfume.


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